A Curse For True Love Summary, Characters and Themes

A Curse for True Love is the third and final book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart trilogy by Stephanie Garber. It was released on October 24, 2023.

The story continues to follow Evangeline Fox, who seems to have found her happy ending by marrying a handsome prince and living in a castle. However, she is unaware of the devastating price she paid for this fairytale and what she has lost. Her husband is determined to keep this truth hidden from her, but he must first eliminate Jacks, the Prince of Hearts.


Evangeline Fox, seemingly living her dream of marrying a handsome prince and residing in a majestic castle, is unaware of the steep price she paid for this fairytale. 

A crucial part of her past remains hidden, a sacrifice made for her happily ever after. Her husband, the prince, is determined to keep this truth buried, but to secure his wife’s ignorance, he must first eliminate Jacks, the enigmatic Prince of Hearts.

Evangeline’s amnesia becomes a battleground for her forgotten past and her present reality. 

The life she leads feels hollow, a nagging feeling that something vital is missing. 

Her husband’s attempts to shield her from the truth become increasingly desperate, his actions growing darker as he strives to maintain the illusion of their perfect life.

Meanwhile, Jacks, the Prince of Hearts, lurks in the shadows, his presence a constant threat to the prince’s carefully constructed facade. 

His connection to Evangeline, though obscured by her memory loss, is undeniable, a pull that draws her towards him despite her lack of recollection.

As the truth slowly unravels, Evangeline finds herself torn between the life she believes she wants and the haunting whispers of her forgotten past. 

The lines between love, betrayal, and sacrifice blur, leading to a final confrontation where true love is put to the ultimate test. 

Blood will be shed, hearts will be stolen, and the fate of Evangeline’s happily ever after hangs in the balance.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Once Upon a Broken Heart trilogy, the characters must confront their deepest fears and desires, ultimately determining the true meaning of love and sacrifice. 

Will Evangeline reclaim her stolen past and discover the truth behind her curse? 

Or will the prince’s desperate attempts to preserve their fairytale condemn them both to a life of gilded misery?

A Curse For True Love Summary


Evangeline Fox

Evangeline is the protagonist of the story, a young woman who seems to have achieved her dream of marrying a prince and living in a castle. However, she grapples with amnesia, unable to remember the sacrifices made for this seemingly perfect life. 

She is torn between her current reality and the nagging feeling that something crucial is missing. Evangeline’s journey is one of self-discovery and reclaiming her lost past. 

She is determined to uncover the truth behind her curse and the price she paid for her happily ever after.

The Prince (Evangeline’s Husband)

Evangeline’s husband is a complex character, harboring dark secrets and desperate to maintain the illusion of their perfect marriage. 

He is willing to go to great lengths, even resorting to violence, to protect Evangeline from the truth and eliminate any threats to their idyllic facade. 

His actions are driven by a twisted love, a desire to keep Evangeline for himself, even if it means trapping her in a gilded cage of lies and deception.

Jacks (The Prince of Hearts)

Jacks is the enigmatic Prince of Hearts, a figure shrouded in mystery and danger. He represents the forbidden, the allure of the unknown, and a connection to Evangeline’s forgotten past. 

Despite her amnesia, Evangeline feels an undeniable pull towards him, a spark that ignites her curiosity and challenges the carefully constructed reality of her life. 

Jacks is a catalyst for change, a force that pushes Evangeline to question everything she believes to be true.


The Fragility of Memory and Identity

In A Curse for True Love, memory emerges as a delicate and malleable force that shapes identity and perception. 

Evangeline’s amnesia serves as a stark reminder of how easily one’s sense of self can be shattered when the past is obscured. Her forgotten experiences, relationships, and choices have been manipulated, leaving her with a distorted reality and a fractured identity. 

The novel explores the profound consequences of memory loss, highlighting the vulnerability of the human mind and the power others can wield over it. 

As Evangeline grapples with the elusive fragments of her past, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to reclaim her true identity from the depths of oblivion.

The Complexity of Love and Sacrifice

The intricate maze of love and sacrifice weaves throughout the narrative, showcasing the multifaceted nature of these emotions. 

Evangeline’s relationship with Apollo is a testament to the deceptive allure of love, as his seemingly selfless actions mask a web of manipulation and control. The novel challenges the notion of love as a purely benevolent force, revealing its potential to be both a source of comfort and a weapon of destruction. Jacks, on the other hand, embodies a love that defies boundaries and expectations. 

His unwavering devotion to Evangeline, even in the face of her amnesia, speaks to the enduring power of true love. 

A Curse for True Love delves into the complexities of these relationships, exploring the sacrifices individuals make in the name of love, the blurred lines between selflessness and selfishness, and the transformative power of genuine affection.

The Illusion of Happily Ever After

A Curse for True Love challenges the conventional notion of “happily ever after” often depicted in fairy tales. 

Evangeline’s seemingly perfect life with Apollo is revealed to be a meticulously crafted illusion, built on deception and the erasure of painful memories. The novel delves into the darker side of fairy tales, exposing the sacrifices and compromises that may be hidden beneath the surface of a seemingly idyllic ending. 

It questions the validity of seeking happiness at any cost, highlighting the importance of authenticity, self-awareness, and genuine connection in achieving true fulfillment.

The Power of Choice and Agency

Despite the influence of fate and curses, the novel emphasizes the significance of individual choice and agency. 

Evangeline, though initially a pawn in the games of others, gradually reclaims her autonomy and makes decisions that shape her destiny. 

Jacks, too, defies expectations and forges his own path, driven by his love for Evangeline. The characters’ choices, both big and small, have ripple effects that impact the course of their lives and the fate of the Magnificent North. 

The novel underscores the power of free will, reminding readers that even in a world seemingly governed by destiny, individuals have the capacity to make choices that define their own narratives.