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Becoming Supernatural Summary | Joe Dispenza

“Becoming Supernatural” is a self-help book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

In the book, Dispenza argues that your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions directly impact your biology and external circumstances.By changing your inner state, you can break free from past patterns and self-imposed limitations.


Dr. Joe Dispenza begins his book by sharing personal stories and case studies of individuals who experienced dramatic healing and transformation through the power of their minds. These anecdotes aim to challenge our conventional understanding of reality and demonstrate the possibility of the “supernatural”.

Part 1: The Foundations

  • The Quantum World: Dispenza dives into the principles of quantum physics, particularly ideas about subatomic particles, the observer effect, and the quantum field. He proposes that this field of infinite possibilities is responsive to our thoughts and feelings, shaping our reality.
  • Mind over Matter: The book explores the science of the brain, emphasizing neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to change and rewire based on experience. Dispenza argues that through focused attention, meditation, and emotional management, we can deliberately influence our brain and, by extension, our physical bodies.
  • Subconscious Programming: Our subconscious mind, formed by early experiences and habitual thought patterns, largely dictates our behavior and perception of the world. “Becoming Supernatural” focuses on breaking these ingrained patterns to transcend our limitations.

Part 2: Demystifying the Mystical

  • The Pineal Gland: Dispenza places significant emphasis on the pineal gland, believing it to be a portal to higher states of consciousness and mystical experiences. He suggests that specific meditation techniques can activate this gland.
  • The Power of Energy: The book posits that humans are energetic beings. Our thoughts and emotions carry frequencies that interact with the environment. Dispenza guides readers on shifting negative energy patterns and tapping into higher vibrational states like love and gratitude.
  • Accessing the Quantum Field: Through meditation and visualization, we can learn to access the quantum field and its infinite possibilities. Here, Dispenza argues, is where we can plant the seeds of our desired future and use our intention to influence reality.

Part 3: How to Become Supernatural

  • Step-by-Step Transformation: This section provides practical tools and meditative exercises to apply the book’s principles. Dispenza offers detailed instructions on:
    • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Identifying and releasing self-defeating thoughts that hold us back.
    • Manifesting Your Future: Learning to create clear mental blueprints of desired outcomes and programming your subconscious for success.
    • Energy Centers: The book explores the role of different energy centers (similar to chakras) within the body and how to bring them into balance.
    • The Heart-Brain Connection: Aligning the heart’s energy with the brain’s intention to enhance manifestation and healing.


“Becoming Supernatural” ends with inspirational stories of individuals who have applied these principles to create significant changes in their lives. Dispenza emphasizes that becoming supernatural isn’t about external magic but about accessing the extraordinary abilities that exist within each of us.

Important Considerations

  • Focus on the Power of the Mind: The book encourages readers to explore the incredible potential of their minds and offers techniques to harness that potential.
  • Role of Science: While Dispenza attempts to connect his ideas to scientific concepts, some of his claims about quantum mechanics and the brain remain debated within the scientific community.
  • Personal Experience: The book’s transformative potential lies in the individual’s willingness to experiment, engage in the practices, and embrace the possibility of change.
Becoming Supernatural Summary | Joe Dispenza

Key Lessons

1. Your Thoughts and Emotions Create Your Reality

  • The Core Principle: Dr. Dispenza argues that your internal state, which includes your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, has a direct impact on your external world. Your body and mind are not separate entities; your emotions create a chemical and energetic signature that interacts with the environment around you.
  • The Science Behind It: The brain reacts to internal signals, releasing hormones and neurotransmitters that influence our moods, energy levels, and how we perceive our circumstances. These signals affect our gene expression and physiological state, including our health and well-being.
  • How to Apply It:
    • Become aware of your habitual thoughts and emotional patterns. Are they predominantly positive or negative? Do they limit or empower you?
    • Practice replacing negative self-talk with affirmations and empowering beliefs.
    • Pay attention to the emotions you cultivate regularly. Consciously choose elevated emotions like joy, gratitude, and love over fear, worry, or anger.

2. Meditation is the Key to Transformation

  • The Core Principle: Focused meditation is the primary tool recommended by Dispenza for rewiring your brain, altering your energy, and transcending limitations. It’s through meditation that you can train your mind to break free from the autopilot of your subconscious programming.
  • The Science Behind It: Meditation has documented effects on the brain, leading to changes in brainwave patterns, increased coherence in different brain regions, and enhanced neuroplasticity. This means meditation literally alters the structure and function of your brain.
  • How to Apply It:
    • Start with simple mindfulness practices to increase awareness of your thoughts and feelings without judgment.
    • Progress towards guided meditations where you deliberately visualize desired outcomes and cultivate specific emotional states.
    • Make meditation a consistent habit. Even short daily sessions can yield significant benefits over time.

3. You Have the Power to Heal Yourself

  • The Core Principle: Dispenza argues that the body possesses innate healing mechanisms that can be activated or optimized through specific mental and emotional practices. By changing your internal state, you can trigger biological changes that support healing.
  • The Science Behind It: The placebo effect highlights the powerful connection between mind and body. Positive expectations can influence physiological processes. Additionally, stress impacts the immune system while elevated emotions can support its function.
  • How to Apply It:
    • Address any limiting beliefs about health and healing. Believe in your body’s ability to heal itself.
    • Use visualization techniques to imagine your body healing at a cellular level. See yourself as healthy and vibrant.
    • Connect with emotions of gratitude and joy for your body. These emotions promote a biological environment supportive of healing.

Important Note: While the mind plays a significant role in wellness, this lesson should not replace professional medical care. Dispenza is not advocating to ignore serious medical conditions; rather, his focus is on using the mind as a powerful supportive tool in the healing process.

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