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Behold a Pale Horse Summary

Behold a Pale Horse is a highly controversial conspiracy theory book published in 1991.

In it, author William Cooper brings together various conspiracy theories and his personal beliefs, including:

  • UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Cooper argues that the US government has been in contact with extraterrestrials for decades. He asserts that secret agreements have been made with these alien entities, often in exchange for advanced technology.
  • Secret Societies: Cooper posits that powerful secret organizations, most notably the Illuminati, control world governments. He believes they manipulate events to move towards a totalitarian New World Order.
  • The Assassination of JFK: Cooper disputes the official conclusions regarding President Kennedy’s assassination, instead proposing a conspiracy orchestrated by clandestine government forces.
  • The AIDS Crisis: He advances the claim that the AIDS virus was deliberately created as a biological weapon for population control.


Behold a Pale Horse doesn’t follow a conventional narrative structure. It’s a sprawling collection of claims, theories, and alleged insider information.

Here’s a breakdown of some key elements:

UFOs and Alien Contact

  • Cooper asserts that in 1954, President Eisenhower met with multiple alien races and formed secret agreements.
  • He claims that a powerful group within the government, known as Majestic 12 (MJ-12), exists to manage extraterrestrial relations and their technology.
  • He suggests that humans are being abducted and experimented upon by aliens as part of clandestine deals.
  • Cooper alleges that the US government has back-engineered alien spacecraft and possesses highly advanced technologies that are hidden from the public.

Secret Societies and the New World Order

  • Cooper traces the lineage and influence of secret societies, like the Illuminati, throughout history.
  • He claims these societies hold immense power, controlling governments and major institutions, working in concert to establish a one-world government.
  • The New World Order, he believes, is a totalitarian regime aimed at suppressing individual freedoms and controlling the global population.
  • Cooper often employs symbolism, connecting secret societies to occult practices and hidden meanings within historical events.

Historical Conspiracies

  • JFK Assassination: Cooper refutes the Warren Commission’s findings and claims that JFK was killed because he planned to reveal the truth about aliens. He implicates various government figures and agencies.
  • Controlled Conflicts: He proposes that wars and conflicts are manufactured to serve the agendas of those in power, consolidating control and generating profit.
  • Population Control: Cooper argues that initiatives like mandatory vaccinations and the deliberate creation of diseases (like AIDS) are used to control or eliminate segments of the population.

Other Ideas in the Book

  • Cooper explores alternative or suppressed historical narratives, suggesting hidden knowledge about ancient civilizations and advanced technologies.
  • He makes references to various religious and prophetic texts, often tying them to his conspiracy theories.
  • The book heavily criticizes government institutions and authority figures, portraying them as corrupt and untrustworthy.

Important Considerations

  • Credibility and Controversy: William Cooper was a polarizing figure, and Behold a Pale Horse lacks reliable evidence to support its numerous claims. Most of the book’s assertions fall into the realm of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.
  • Theories Tied to Violence: Some of Cooper’s ideas have been linked to extremist movements and violence. Cooper himself was killed in 2001 during a confrontation with law enforcement.
  • Focus on Distrust: The central theme of Behold a Pale Horse is an overarching distrust of governments and institutions. It fosters the belief that sinister forces are secretly controlling world events.

If you’re interested in conspiracy theories, Behold a Pale Horse is a significant, but deeply problematic, work. It’s important to read it with a critical eye, understanding that its assertions lack factual basis and can potentially be harmful.

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