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Haunting Adeline Summary, Review, Themes and Characters

“Haunting Adeline” is a novel that intertwines mystery, romance, and the darker aspects of human nature into a narrative – reading which is not everyone’s cup of tea. 


Set in the Gothic, Victorian-style Parsons Manor in Washington State, the story revolves around Adeline Reilly, a young and successful author who moves into her family’s ancestral home following her grandmother Serafina’s death. 

Despite her mother Sarina’s reservations, Adeline is drawn to the manor’s charm and the connection it gives her to her late grandmother.

Adeline’s life takes a sinister turn when she discovers she’s being stalked by Zade Meadows, the enigmatic leader of an underground organization named Z, dedicated to combating human trafficking. 

Zade’s obsession with Adeline escalates from leaving roses to more alarming acts, including the brutal murder of a man Adeline brings home, indicating his possessive and dangerous nature.

The narrative splits between Adeline and Zade, offering a dual perspective. 

Adeline is “The Manipulator,” adept at unraveling mysteries, while Zade is “The Shadow,” a figure whose moral compass is as ambiguous as his methods. 

The mystery deepens as Adeline uncovers diaries belonging to her great-grandmother Gigi, whose murder in the 1940s remains unsolved. Parallels emerge between Gigi’s past, stalked by a man named Ronaldo with whom she fell in love, and Adeline’s own unsettling relationship with Zade.

Zade, tormented by his actions, rationalizes his behavior by contrasting it with the horrors he witnesses in his fight against human trafficking. 

His obsession with Adeline is complicated by his mission to expose and dismantle the Society, an elite group involved in heinous crimes for cosmic power. 

Zade hopes Adeline will reciprocate his feelings, even as their relationship veers dangerously close to Stockholm Syndrome.

Their paths converge as they investigate Senator Mark Williams, a key Society member and unexpectedly linked to Gigi’s past. 

Their quest for truth leads them to Satan’s Affair, a haunted house fair, where they encounter threats and deeper intrigue. Zade’s infiltration into the Society brings them closer to the shocking truth, while Adeline, with the help of her friend Daya, delves into the mystery of Gigi’s death, uncovering shocking family secrets.

As the story reaches its climax, Zade’s efforts to infiltrate the Society are jeopardized, and Adeline faces a new threat, a vengeful acquaintance of the murdered Arch. 


Adeline Reilly

Adeline Reilly, the enigmatic protagonist of the story, is a young, successful independent writer who inherits her grandmother’s estate, Parsons Manor, following her passing. 

Adeline, often referred to as “The Manipulator,” a nickname she embraces due to her talent for weaving captivating narratives, left college to dive into the world of independent publishing. 

Her journey hasn’t been easy, especially with the haunting history of Parsons Manor, a place stained by her great-grandmother Gigi’s murder and familial strife. Despite these shadows, Adeline’s bold and principled nature shines through, especially in her interactions with her mother Sarina, and her complex relationship with Zade Meadows.

Zade Meadows

Zade Meadows, known as “the Shadow” or simply Z, emerges as a dark, complex figure in Adeline’s life. His past, marred by the tragic loss of his parents, led him down a path of hacking and underground activism against child trafficking. 

His encounter with Adeline ignites an obsessive fascination, manifesting in unsettling ways like stalking and unwelcome intrusions. 

Daya Pierson

Daya Pierson, Adeline’s best friend and confidante, is a character of contrasts. Like Adeline, Daya pursued a path in computer science and hacking, becoming an integral part of Zade’s organization, Z. 

While she shares a light-hearted and fun-loving bond with Adeline, Daya’s serious side is evident in her dedication to combating government-backed human trafficking. Her character is a reflection of Adeline’s own complexities, offering both support and inadvertently enabling Adeline’s risky choices. 

Mark Williams and the Society

Senator Mark Williams represents the face of evil in the narrative as a key figure in the human trafficking ring known as the Society. His character is a blend of charisma and malevolence, using his political influence and wealth to mask his sinister activities. 

Williams is not just a character but a symbol of the corrupt and powerful who exploit the vulnerable for their twisted desires. 

haunting adeline summary

My Review

“Haunting Adeline” plunges into a world shrouded in darkness and moral ambiguity, presenting a narrative that is as compelling as it is disturbing. 

At its core, the plot revolves around Zade, a vigilante hero embroiled in a dangerous crusade against sex traffickers and pedophiles. His mission, though noble in intention, is marred by a disconcerting enjoyment of violence, raising questions about the true nature of his crusade.

Addie, the heroine, is consumed by the mystery of her great-grandmother’s unsolved murder, a subplot that intertwines with the main narrative. 

This element, while significant, doesn’t resonate as deeply as it might, overshadowed by the more immediate, visceral aspects of the story.

A pivotal aspect of the book, and admittedly a driving force behind its allure, is the explicit and intense smut. 

The dynamic between Zade and Addie is charged with a predatory intensity. 

Zade, portrayed as a ‘psychotic hero’, becomes obsessed with Addie, his fixation manifesting in unsettling ways – from voyeurism to sending taunting messages and breaking into her home. 

The term ‘little mouse’, used by Zade, transforms from an endearment to a chilling reminder of the power dynamics at play.

A particularly intense scene unfolds when Addie, at a club, flirts with a man named Archie, unaware that Zade is watching. 

Zade’s threatening message to her, and his subsequent actions, escalate the situation to a harrowing climax, blending elements of danger and desire in a way that is both troubling and strangely captivating.

In conclusion, “Haunting Adeline” is a paradox of a book – it’s dark and haunting, yet undeniably gripping. 

Its exploration of dark themes and complex character dynamics makes it a difficult read, but one that is compelling for those who are drawn to stories that delve into the shadows of human nature.


1. Human Morality and Ethics

The book delves into the intricacies of moral ambiguity, particularly through the character of Zade Meadows. 

As a leader of an organization fighting human trafficking, Zade embodies a paradox; he commits acts of violence and stalking, which he justifies in the context of his broader mission against greater evils. 

This duality presents a lesson on the complex nature of ethics and morality. 

It invites readers to contemplate how good intentions can sometimes lead to morally questionable actions, and the importance of critically evaluating one’s choices and their broader impacts. 

The novel encourages a deeper understanding of ethical dilemmas, showing that right and wrong are often not black and white, but rather exist in shades of gray.

2. The Psychological Impact of Trauma and the Nature of Consent

Through Adeline’s experiences, the novel explores the psychological ramifications of trauma, especially in the context of stalking and sexual assault. 

The story touches upon how victims may respond to their trauma in ways that are complex and sometimes contradictory, such as the development of Stockholm Syndrome. 

This lesson highlights the importance of understanding and respecting the distinction between consent and arousal, and how trauma can blur these lines. 

The narrative underscores the necessity for empathy and support for individuals who have experienced such trauma, and the need for a nuanced understanding of consent, emphasizing that it must always be explicit, informed, and freely given.

3. The Power of Resilience and the Quest for Truth

Adeline’s character demonstrates resilience in the face of adversity. 

Her determination to uncover the truth about her great-grandmother Gigi’s murder, despite the personal risks and emotional toll, illustrates the strength of the human spirit. 

The novel teaches the value of perseverance in seeking truth and justice, even when it leads to uncomfortable revelations about one’s own family or history. 

This lesson extends to the importance of confronting and addressing past traumas and secrets for personal healing and growth. 

Adeline’s journey serves as an inspiration for readers to face their own challenges with courage and tenacity, showing that resilience can lead to empowerment and transformative change.

Final Thoughts

“Haunting Adeline” is kind of a blend of mystery, romance, and psychological thriller genre. The novel skillfully explores complex themes such as consent, morality, and the impact of past traumas on the present. 

The novel’s exploration of dark themes is balanced by its intricate plot and the evolving dynamics between its characters, making it a thought-provoking and engaging read.

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