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Maybe Someday Summary and Key Themes

“Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover, published in 2014, is a novel that delves into the entangled lives of Sydney Blake and Ridge Lawson. 

This book marks the beginning of the “Maybe Someday” series, followed by “Maybe Not,” spotlighting the unique relationship between Warren and Bridgette, and “Maybe Now,” which continues Ridge and Sydney’s story.

Full Summary

The story begins with a heart-wrenching prologue: Sydney discovers her boyfriend Hunter’s affair with her roommate Tori. Distraught and in the rain, she’s torn about where to go, eventually accepting her neighbor Ridge’s offer to stay in his apartment, despite her frustration with his delayed revelation of the affair.

Rewinding two weeks, we see Sydney captivated by Ridge’s guitar playing from across their apartment courtyard. Struggling with writer’s block, Ridge asks Sydney for her lyrics to his song, which she had been mouthing from her balcony. Sydney, initially hesitant, sends over her lyrics, impressing Ridge and leading to her role as a songwriter for his band, Sounds of Cedar.

A week later, on her 22nd birthday, Ridge reveals Hunter’s infidelity to Sydney. The narrative then shifts back to the present, where Sydney moves into Ridge’s apartment and learns he is deaf. 

Their communication continues primarily through text messages, and they start writing songs together. This creative collaboration brings them closer, with Ridge sharing his troubled past and Sydney developing feelings for him.

As they share intimate moments through their music, Ridge’s girlfriend of five years, Maggie, appears, complicating the narrative. Sydney grapples with her jealousy, and Ridge struggles with his feelings for Sydney while committed to Maggie. 

The tension escalates when Ridge asks Sydney to move out after a night of caring for her and Maggie, who has cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.

Ridge’s attempt to reconcile with Maggie in San Antonio fails, leading him to confront his feelings for Sydney. 

Three months later, during a music show, Ridge publicly declares his love for Sydney through his songs. The novel culminates with Sydney expressing her love for Ridge in American Sign Language, indicating her readiness to start a relationship with him.

maybe someday summary

Key Themes

1. The Complexity of Infidelity

At its core, the book delves into the intricate and often painful realities of infidelity. 

The book doesn’t just present infidelity as a black-and-white issue but explores the gray areas and emotional turmoil it brings. Through Sydney’s discovery of her boyfriend’s affair and her subsequent relationship with Ridge, the novel examines the emotional repercussions of betrayal and the challenging journey towards understanding and forgiveness. 

It also portrays how infidelity can be a catalyst for self-discovery and personal growth, as the characters grapple with their feelings and moral dilemmas.

2. The Challenges of Disability

Another profound theme in the novel is the portrayal of disability, particularly through the character of Ridge, who is deaf. 

The novel goes beyond the mere representation of a character with a disability; it immerses readers in Ridge’s world, showing how he experiences life, music, and love. 

The narrative breaks down preconceived notions about disability, emphasizing that it’s a part of a person’s life but not the defining aspect. 

The book eloquently illustrates the ways in which Ridge’s deafness affects his relationships and his passion for music, thereby offering an insightful and nuanced perspective on living with a disability.

3. The Intensity of Passion

“Maybe Someday” is also a profound exploration of passion, both in terms of romantic love and artistic expression. 

The novel vividly portrays the intense emotional and physical connection between Sydney and Ridge, highlighting how their shared passion for music deepens their bond. This theme is intricately tied to the characters’ creative process, as their songwriting becomes a conduit for expressing unspoken feelings and desires. 

The book thus captures the exhilarating and often tumultuous nature of passion, showing how it can inspire individuals to discover new aspects of themselves and forge deep connections with others.

Final Thoughts

“Maybe Someday” is a poignant exploration of love, loyalty, and the complexities of relationships. Hoover skillfully weaves themes of infidelity, disability, and passion into a narrative that captivates and resonates with readers, making it a standout novel in contemporary romance.