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Red Queen Summary, Characters and Themes | Victoria Aveyard

In the novel “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard, readers are plunged into the divided world of Norta, where society is split along the lines of blood color—Red and Silver. 

This gripping tale, set against a dystopian backdrop, unfolds the story of Mare Barrow, a Red girl born into poverty and oppression under the Silver elite’s rule. Aveyard weaves a world that is as fantastical as it is reflective of our own, making “Red Queen” a compelling read that resonates deeply with contemporary themes of inequality and the fight for social justice.


In this dystopian realm, people are split by the color of their blood: the elite Silvers and the impoverished Reds.

Mare Barrow, a Red from the poverty-stricken village of the Stilts, is a resourceful pickpocket, stealing to support her family. 

Her life contrasts starkly with the opulent world of the Silvers, known for their supernatural abilities to manipulate elements like fire, metal, and water. 

These powers have allowed them to subjugate the Reds, using them as disposable soldiers in a century-long war that has little to do with Red interests.

As Mare grapples with the injustices around her, she faces a personal crisis when her best friend, Kilorn, faces conscription into the endless war. 

Desperate, she turns to the black market, where she encounters Farley, a smuggler linked to the Scarlet Guard, a group fighting for Red rights. Farley agrees to help Mare and Kilorn escape, but at a steep price.

Mare’s plan goes awry when her sister Gisa is caught and punished for pickpocketing in the Silver city. 

Guilt-ridden, Mare ends up working in the Silver Palace, where she accidentally discovers her own extraordinary power during a dramatic event called the Queenstrial. 

This revelation shocks the Silver elite and forces the royal family to fabricate a story: Mare, a Red, is to be presented as a long-lost Silver and betrothed to Prince Maven.

In the palace, Mare navigates a treacherous web of politics, power, and intrigue. She grows close to both Prince Maven and his brother, Cal, but her trust in Maven leads her into the heart of a devastating betrayal. 

Maven, in collusion with his mother Queen Elara, orchestrates a coup for personal power, framing Mare and Cal for the king’s murder.

The novel culminates in a dramatic escape, with Mare and Cal joining forces with the Scarlet Guard. Mare learns a stunning truth: she’s not the only Red with Silver abilities. 

Her presumed-dead brother, Shade, is alive and part of this unique group. Resolved to fight against Maven’s tyranny, Mare sets aside personal entanglements, focusing on her new mission with the Scarlet Guard and her shared goal with Cal: vengeance against Maven.

Red Queen Summary


Mare Barrow

Mare Barrow, the protagonist of “Red Queen,” is a tenacious and resourceful Red girl from the impoverished village of the Stilts.

She possesses a strong sense of justice and is initially driven by the need to support her family. Mare’s life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers her unique ability to control electricity, a power unprecedented for a Red. 

This discovery thrusts her into the heart of the Silver elite, where she navigates complex political and personal landscapes, while grappling with her new identity and the responsibilities it brings.


Cal, or Tiberias Calore VII, is the crown prince of Norta and a Silver with the power to manipulate fire. He is portrayed as a character torn between his duty to his kingdom and his personal beliefs, especially after meeting Mare. 

Cal is complex, often struggling with the injustices within his society, yet feeling bound by tradition and his position. His relationship with Mare introduces him to perspectives that challenge his worldview.


Maven, Cal’s younger brother and the second prince, initially appears supportive and understanding towards Mare’s cause. As the story progresses, his more manipulative and ambitious nature is revealed. 

Maven’s character is pivotal to the novel’s exploration of betrayal and the corrupting influence of power. His actions are central to the plot’s twists and turns, deeply affecting Mare’s journey.

Queen Elara

Queen Elara is a powerful and cunning antagonist in the story. As a Silver with the ability to invade and manipulate minds, she plays a critical role in the political machinations of the Silver court. 

Her manipulative nature and cold demeanor make her a formidable figure in the novel. 

She is deeply involved in the plot against the Reds and is the mastermind behind many of the betrayals that occur.


Gisa, Mare’s younger sister, is one of the few Reds in the Stilts who has secured an apprenticeship, working as a seamstress. 

She is a symbol of the limited but possible upward mobility for Reds within the Silver-dominated society. Gisa’s character is significant in showing a different, more conformist side of the Red population, in contrast to Mare’s rebellious nature.


Farley is a key member of the Scarlet Guard, a rebel group fighting against Silver oppression. She is strong-willed, determined, and fiercely dedicated to the cause of Red liberation. 

Farley’s interactions with Mare expose the larger resistance movement within the kingdom and serve as a catalyst for Mare’s involvement in the fight for Red rights.


Kilorn is Mare’s childhood friend, whose impending conscription into the army serves as a critical turning point in the novel. 

His character represents the average Red youth, forced into dire circumstances by the oppressive Silver regime. Kilorn’s situation propels Mare into action and underscores the personal cost of the Silver’s tyrannical rule over the Reds.


1. Class Struggle and Social Injustice

“Red Queen” delves deeply into the theme of class struggle, portraying a society sharply divided along bloodlines – the affluent Silvers and the subjugated Reds. 

This division is more than just economic; it’s about power, privilege, and access to resources. Aveyard skillfully explores how such a divide leads to systemic social injustice, where the Silvers, endowed with supernatural abilities, exploit the Reds for labor and warfare. 

This theme is not just a backdrop; it’s integral to the story, driving the characters’ motivations and the plot’s trajectory. 

The Reds’ plight, mirrored in real-world issues of classism and inequality, resonates with the struggles of marginalized communities globally, making the theme both fantastical and strikingly relevant.

2. The Complexity of Power and Corruption

The novel intricately examines the nature of power – its allure, its ability to corrupt, and the moral ambiguities that come with wielding it. 

Through Mare’s journey and her interactions with the Silver elite, Aveyard explores how power can be both a tool for change and a weapon of oppression. 

The Silvers, despite their extraordinary abilities, are shown to be deeply flawed and susceptible to corruption, while the seemingly powerless Reds, like Mare, discover strength and abilities that challenge the status quo. 

The book doesn’t shy away from showing how power can corrupt even the most well-intentioned individuals, encapsulating the adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

This theme adds layers of complexity to the characters and their decisions, making the narrative thought-provoking and morally challenging.

3. Betrayal and Trust

Central to the story is the theme of betrayal and the fragile nature of trust. 

Mare’s journey is riddled with betrayals that reshape her understanding of her world and herself. 

The relationships she forms, particularly with the royal brothers Cal and Maven, are fraught with deception and hidden agendas. 

These betrayals aren’t just personal; they have far-reaching implications on the political landscape of Norta. 

Aveyard uses these betrayals to advance the plot and develop her characters, highlighting how trust is a delicate and sometimes dangerous commodity in a world rife with power struggles. 

This theme resonates deeply, as it touches on the human experience of being betrayed and the challenge of whom to trust, especially in a world where alliances shift like sand.

Final Thoughts

“Red Queen” is a tale of power, betrayal, and resistance, where a young girl’s awakening abilities become a symbol of hope for an oppressed people, setting the stage for a larger rebellion against a cruel and unjust order.