10 Remarkably Bright Creatures Book Club Questions For Discussion

Dive into the extraordinary depths of friendship, redemption, and the power of hope with “Remarkably Bright Creatures”! In this captivating debut novel by Shelby Van Pelt, we embark on a heartwarming journey alongside Tova Sullivan, a widow seeking solace in the late-night solitude of Sowell Bay Aquarium. 

As Tova’s life intertwines with Marcellus, a cantankerous giant Pacific octopus, an unlikely bond forms, revealing a depth of wisdom within the cephalopod’s enigmatic world. With Tova desperate for answers about her son’s disappearance decades ago, Marcellus becomes an unexpected ally, unraveling secrets from the shadows of the past. 

In this discussion guide, we will have a look at some amazing book club questions for Remarkably Bright Creatures and why it’s a must-read for anyone looking to explore the transformative tale of friendship transcending the boundaries of the human-species bond and the depths of one’s resilience. 

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Remarkably Bright Creatures Book Club Questions For Discussion

  1. The relationship between Tova and Marcellus, the octopus, is an intriguing element of the book. Their interactions give readers a glimpse into the possibility of communication and understanding between species. Despite their different forms of existence, they find a common ground that leads to a bond strong enough for Marcellus to risk his life to reveal a family connection to Tova.
    How does this unlikely friendship between Tova and Marcellus affect your perception of interspecies communication and empathy, and what implications does it have for the broader themes of the novel?

  2. In “Remarkably Bright Creatures,” Tova’s loneliness and sense of isolation are prominent themes. Her loss of a son, her husband, and estrangement from her brother has left her alone. However, her interactions with the Knit-Wits and her relationship with Marcellus help to alleviate some of her solitude.
    Do you think Tova’s loneliness and her eventual connection with different individuals, both human and non-human, provide insight into the human need for companionship on a regular basis? And in what ways does the novel explore this theme through Tova’s character arc?

  3. One of the central narrative threads of the book involves the mystery surrounding Erik’s death. It was ruled a suicide, but Tova never believed this to be true. The uncovering of the truth about Erik’s death and its impact on Tova’s life forms a crucial part of the narrative.
    How do you interpret the book’s treatment of the truth and its revelation? How does this affect the characters and their relationships, and what does it suggest about the importance of truth in our personal and interpersonal lives?

  4. Marcellus McSquiddles serves not only as an intriguing character but also as an interesting narrative device in “Remarkably Bright Creatures.” Despite his non-human nature, Marcellus demonstrates profound depth of emotion, dealing with loneliness and a search for purpose, and his journey mirrors that of the human characters.
    How does Marcellus’s perspective enrich the narrative and provide insight into the other characters, particularly Tova, and what does his journey reveal about the universal nature of the search for meaning and companionship?

  5. Cameron’s character is someone struggling to find stability and acceptance. He can’t hold down a job, lies to his girlfriend Katie, and is estranged from his father. His journey from Modesto to Sowell Bay is filled with hope for a better future and his belief that finding his absent father, Simon, would solve his problems.
    How does Cameron’s character evolution mirror the human struggle for identity and belonging? What does his journey tell us about the lengths people will go to in order to seek validation and acceptance?

  6. Throughout the novel, animals take on an integral role both as symbols and as active participants in the narrative. Marcellus, the octopus, embodies a blend of human and animal perspectives, while the wolf eels symbolize his fears and the obstacles he must overcome. Concurrently, animals also serve as reminders of the characters’ ties or lack thereof to the natural world, and their reactions to these animals give us insight into their perspectives and backgrounds.
    Let’s consider how the various animals (Marcellus, the wolf eels, the frogs, the sea lion statue, the raccoon, and Cat) are used as symbols in the story. How does each animal contribute to the characters’ development and understanding of their identities and relationships? 

  7. Ethan Mack’s role in “Remarkably Bright Creatures” is instrumental in facilitating change in both Tova and Cameron’s lives. Despite his seemingly static character, Ethan’s personal journey from loss and heartbreak to becoming an essential part of a community profoundly influences those around him.
    Discuss how Ethan’s backstory, his innate need to care for those around him, and his actions throughout the novel contribute to the personal growth of Tova and Cameron and how does his character underscore the theme of the importance of found family in the narrative?

  8. “Remarkably Bright Creatures” delves deeply into the concept of family, both by blood and by choice, as seen through the evolving relationships between Tova, Cameron, and Ethan. Tova, dealing with her unresolved grief, finds unexpected familial bonds in her growing friendship with Ethan and her newfound connection with Cameron.
    Given this dynamic, in what ways does the novel suggest that family is more about the bonds we choose rather than simply about biological connections, and how does Cameron’s personal growth throughout the novel underscore this theme?

  9. The exploration of aging and mortality forms a strong thematic undercurrent in “Remarkably Bright Creatures,” particularly through the character of Tova. Throughout the novel, we see her grappling with the pain of past losses, the encroaching reality of her own old age, and her fears of becoming a burden to her loved ones.
    How does Tova’s journey towards acceptance of her own mortality shape the narrative, and what role does her relationship with Marcellus, another character dealing with similar concerns, play in helping her achieve this acceptance?

  10. Finally, the role of the environment and the non-human entities, like the aquarium and Marcellus, significantly shape the story. These elements, not only create a unique setting but also become active agents in the unfolding of the narrative. The aquarium, as a place of work and a site of significant events, and Marcellus, with his abilities and actions, engage directly with the plot.
    How does the use of these non-human elements contribute to the novel’s exploration of interconnectedness and agency? Also, how does their involvement challenge traditional human-centered narratives?

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