Yours Truly Summary, Characters and Themes

In Abby Jimenez’s romance novel, “Yours Truly,” we meet Briana Ortiz, an emergency room doctor navigating the aftermath of her divorce and her brother’s desperate need for a kidney transplant. 

Briana’s world is turned upside down when the charismatic Dr. Jacob Maddox joins her ER team, seemingly vying for the same promotion she desires. Their initial interactions are fraught with tension and dislike, but as the story unfolds, Briana discovers that Jacob is not who he first appears to be. Beneath his anxious exterior lies a compassionate and caring man. “Yours Truly” weaves together the lives of beloved characters from Jimenez’s previous novel, “Part of Your World,” with the return of Daniel and Alexis Grant. 


Dr. Briana Ortiz, a recently divorced ER doctor at Royaume Northwestern Hospital, faces professional and personal challenges. 

Her brother, Benny, suffers from renal failure and needs a kidney transplant. Additionally, a new doctor, Jacob Maddox, joins the hospital and seems to be competing for the same promotion Briana desires. 

Briana initially dislikes Jacob due to his awkward behavior and the staff’s negative perception of him. However, after witnessing Jacob’s compassionate side, she suggests a way for him to improve his relationship with the staff.

This leads to a series of handwritten letters exchanged between Briana and Jacob, revealing Jacob’s struggle with anxiety and fostering a deeper understanding between them. 

As they spend more time together, both virtually and in person, their connection strengthens.

When Jacob learns about Benny’s need for a kidney, he volunteers to be tested as a potential donor. 

It turns out he’s a match, and he readily agrees to the surgery. Briana is deeply grateful for his selfless act.

To maintain appearances in front of his family, especially his ex-girlfriend Amy who is marrying his brother, Jacob asks Briana to pretend to be his girlfriend. 

Although he admits to still having feelings for Amy, Briana supports him through the difficult situation.

Briana’s understanding and support help Jacob navigate his anxiety, and they grow closer. 

However, their relationship becomes complicated when Briana overhears a conversation between Jacob and Amy, leading to a misunderstanding about Jacob’s feelings.

Despite the challenges, Jacob confesses his love for Briana, but she, still hurt from her past experiences, pushes him away. 

They temporarily move in together to maintain their facade, but Briana keeps her distance.

During Jeremiah’s bachelor party, a jealous Jacob misinterprets Briana’s interactions with a male acquaintance. This triggers a panic attack, which Briana mistakenly attributes to Amy’s pregnancy announcement. 

She comforts him, and they share an intimate moment, but Briana regrets it and tries to distance herself again.

Amy, however, believes Jacob is in love with Briana, and a conversation between the two women reveals this to Briana. 

She returns to Jacob’s house to collect her things, determined to leave. Jacob confronts her, confesses his love again, and they finally acknowledge their mutual feelings.

At Amy and Jeremiah’s wedding, Briana is devastated to encounter her ex-husband with his new pregnant wife. 

This triggers memories of her own miscarriage and leads her to push Jacob away once more.

While Jacob undergoes surgery, he gives Briana his journals, revealing the depth of his love for her. Briana, reassured by his unwavering affection, decides to stay with him. 

Two years later, they marry and have a daughter named Ava, finding happiness and love in the midst of life’s challenges.

Yours Truly Summary


Briana Ortiz

Briana is a dedicated emergency room doctor, grappling with the emotional aftermath of her divorce and the stress of her brother’s illness. 

She is initially portrayed as guarded and cynical, particularly towards Jacob Maddox, the new doctor at her hospital. 

However, as the story progresses, Briana reveals a compassionate and resilient nature. Her wit and sarcasm often mask her vulnerability, but her deep love for her family and her growing affection for Jacob ultimately break down her emotional barriers. 

Briana’s journey is one of healing and self-discovery, as she learns to trust again and embrace the possibility of a new love.

Jacob Maddox

Jacob is a talented doctor who struggles with social anxiety, making it difficult for him to connect with others. 

Despite his initial awkwardness and mishaps, Jacob is genuinely kind and caring, as evidenced by his willingness to donate a kidney to Briana’s brother. 

He is a romantic at heart, expressing his feelings for Briana through heartfelt letters and thoughtful gestures. 

Jacob’s anxiety often hinders his confidence, but his unwavering devotion to Briana and his determination to overcome his fears make him a compelling and endearing character.

Benny Ortiz

Benny is Briana’s brother and a central figure in the story due to his battle with renal failure. He is portrayed as kind, optimistic, and deeply grateful for his sister’s unwavering support. 

Benny’s illness serves as a catalyst for the relationship between Briana and Jacob, as it highlights their compassion and strengthens their bond. 

Despite his health challenges, Benny remains hopeful and serves as a reminder of the importance of family and resilience.

Amy Harris

Amy is Jacob’s ex-girlfriend and a complex character who plays a significant role in the story’s conflicts. 

She is initially portrayed as understanding and supportive of Jacob’s anxiety, but her actions and words often reveal a manipulative and self-centered nature. 

Amy’s doubts about Jacob’s ability to move on and her unexpected pregnancy create tension in the relationship between Jacob and Briana. 

However, her character also undergoes a transformation, as she eventually recognizes Jacob’s love for Briana and offers her own form of closure.

Daniel and Alexis Grant

Daniel and Alexis are recurring characters from Jimenez’s previous novel, “Part of Your World.” 

They provide a sense of familiarity and continuity for readers who have followed their story. Their presence in “Yours Truly” offers a glimpse into their happy marriage and serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love.

Additionally, their interactions with Briana and Jacob provide comedic relief and offer valuable insights into the complexities of relationships.


Overcoming Misunderstandings and Past Traumas

The novel delves into the complexities of human relationships, highlighting the importance of communication and understanding. Briana and Jacob’s initial animosity stems from misunderstandings and preconceived notions. 

However, through their heartfelt letters and honest conversations, they break down these barriers and discover the true nature of each other’s hearts. Moreover, the novel explores the lasting impact of past traumas on their lives. 

Briana’s fear of abandonment, fueled by her ex-husband’s infidelity and a previous miscarriage, creates obstacles in her relationship with Jacob. Similarly, Jacob’s anxiety disorder, rooted in past experiences, hinders his ability to fully express his feelings. 

It is through their willingness to confront these traumas and communicate openly that they find healing and forge a deeper connection.

The Power of Kindness and Empathy

Kindness and empathy are central themes throughout the novel. 

Briana’s initial dislike of Jacob transforms into admiration and affection as she witnesses his genuine care for others. 

Jacob’s selfless act of donating a kidney to Briana’s brother exemplifies his compassionate nature. 

Furthermore, Briana’s understanding and support of Jacob’s anxiety disorder demonstrate the transformative power of empathy. 

The novel emphasizes that even small acts of kindness, such as Briana’s offer of cupcakes or her code word for Jacob’s anxiety, can have a profound impact on someone’s life. 

Through these acts of kindness and empathy, Briana and Jacob foster a relationship built on trust, understanding, and mutual support.

The Importance of Family and Found Family

The novel emphasizes the significance of family, both biological and chosen. 

Briana’s close relationship with her brother, Benny, is a driving force in her life, and his illness motivates her actions. 

The bond between Jacob and his siblings, despite their differing personalities, highlights the complexities and love within families. Additionally, the concept of found family is explored through the growing relationships between Briana and Jacob’s families. 

Although they come from different backgrounds, they embrace each other and offer support, creating a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

The novel suggests that family is not solely defined by blood ties, but also by the love, support, and understanding shared between individuals.

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

“Yours Truly” is a testament to the unexpected nature of love. Briana and Jacob’s initial animosity and differing personalities seem to make them an unlikely pair. 

However, through their shared experiences, vulnerabilities, and genuine affection, they discover a deep and lasting love. The novel reminds readers that love can blossom in the most unexpected circumstances, challenging preconceived notions and societal expectations. 

It encourages readers to remain open to the possibilities of love, even when faced with initial obstacles or differences.