Super Attractor Summary and Key Lessons | Gabrielle Bernstein

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” is a self-help book by Gabrielle Bernstein that explores spiritual methods and practices for attracting positivity, abundance, and happiness into one’s life. The book is built on the idea that you can manifest the life you want through positive thinking, self-belief, and spiritual alignment.

Super Attractor Summary

The book begins with Bernstein sharing her personal journey of discovering her capacity as a “super attractor.” She details the struggles and challenges she faced in her life and how they led her to the realization that she has the power to attract the reality she desires.

The primary theme of the book is the concept of the Law of Attraction, the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into one’s life. Bernstein emphasizes that to become a super attractor, one must consciously shift their mindset from fear, lack, or negativity to love, abundance, and positivity.

Bernstein provides various methods for manifesting a better life

These include:

  1. Choosing Love over Fear: Bernstein encourages readers to choose love over fear in all circumstances. She contends that fear holds people back from attracting the life they desire. On the other hand, love, being a higher frequency emotion, can align people with their desires, allowing them to attract what they want effortlessly.

  2. The Power of Affirmation and Visualization: Bernstein shares that using affirmations and visualizations can help align one’s thoughts and emotions with the energy of what they desire. By doing so, they can attract it into their lives.

  3. The Importance of Gratitude: Gratitude is another key aspect of becoming a super attractor. Being thankful for what one already has creates a positive energy that attracts more of what they desire.

  4. Surrendering to the Universe: Bernstein suggests that once you’ve done your part, it’s essential to let go and trust the Universe to take care of the rest. Surrendering is about trusting that the Universe has a better plan than one might have for themselves.

  5. Meditation and Mindfulness: She also emphasizes the role of meditation and mindfulness in calming the mind and opening the heart to the process of attraction. They help foster a positive mindset, necessary for attracting the right things.

  6. The Role of Faith: Bernstein highlights faith in the process as a critical element in the journey of becoming a super attractor. She argues that believing in a higher power’s guidance makes it easier to surrender and let the Universe manifest desires on your behalf.

Throughout the book, Bernstein combines practical exercises, personal stories, and spiritual principles to guide readers towards becoming super attractors. Her approach is grounded in her own experiences and in various spiritual traditions, and it offers readers a comprehensive guide to transforming their mindset and their life.

By the end of “Super Attractor,” you are meant to understand that you have the power to manifest a life of abundance, happiness, and fulfillment, and are equipped with the tools and methods to achieve it.

Super Attractor Summary and Key Lessons | Gabrielle Bernstein

What can you learn from the book?

1. Your Thoughts Have Power

“Super Attractor” emphasizes the power of one’s thoughts. According to Bernstein, our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings can manifest into our realities. 

This concept, rooted in the law of attraction, suggests that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. 

For instance, if you continuously believe that you are not worthy of a successful career, this thought can impede your progress, resulting in self-sabotaging behaviors. 

However, shifting these thoughts towards a more positive perspective, such as “I am capable and deserving of success”, can generate opportunities and choices that align with this belief.

2. Surrendering is Empowering

Bernstein teaches that we can unlock our capacity to become super attractors by surrendering to the universe. 

This doesn’t mean giving up on one’s goals, but rather relinquishing control over the precise manner and timing in which things occur. She advises that we express our desires, put in the necessary work, but then let the universe handle the ‘how’ and ‘when’. 

This can be particularly applicable when we face obstacles or delays in our path. For example, instead of pushing obsessively for a promotion that’s not coming, we can concentrate on improving our skills and contributions, trusting that the universe will provide the right opportunity at the appropriate time.

3. The Power of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are potent tools that can rewire our brains to think positively and expect successful outcomes. 

They can be simple, personalized sentences that resonate with the individual and their aspirations

For instance, an affirmation like “I am financially abundant and attract opportunities that increase my wealth” can change one’s mindset towards money, leading to decisions that promote financial growth.

4. The Importance of Joy

“Super Attractor” places significant emphasis on the importance of joy as a catalyst for attracting what we want. Bernstein asserts that when we are in a state of joy, we are in alignment with our true selves, thereby becoming ‘super attractors’. 

She suggests practices such as meditation, gratitude exercises, and doing things we love as ways to tap into this joyful state. For instance, taking time each day to note down three things you are grateful for can foster a positive mindset, making it easier to attract and recognize opportunities.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, “Super Attractor” by Gabrielle Bernstein is an influential book that offers profound insights into the principles of manifesting desires and fostering personal growth. It posits a holistic view of achievement and success, emphasizing not just the tangible results but also the emotional and spiritual journey towards those goals.

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