14 The Midnight Library Book Club Questions For Discussion

Have you ever considered a library existing in an in-between state, neither truly alive nor dead?

That’s the setting of Matt Haig’s novel, The Midnight Library. This magical place allows you to explore alternate versions of your life, the paths not taken.


The New York Times bestseller dives deep into philosophical fantasy, and like Good Morning America’s book club who featured it in October 2020, you’re sure to be captivated.

But before you lose yourself in this story, why not prepare to lead a thought-provoking book club discussion?

The following questions will spark conversation about life’s big decisions, the concept of death, and the vast possibilities that lie in between.

Check them out below.

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The Midnight Library Book Club Questions

The Midnight Library Book Club Questions

  • The Midnight Library serves as a metaphor for the choices we make in life and the possibilities that exist beyond our current circumstances. Nora is able to explore different versions of her life and see how her choices have shaped her present circumstances. The library also highlights the importance of regret and the ways in which we can learn from our past mistakes. Now, if The Midnight Library existed in your life, what are the life choices you would make to achieve the life you desire?

  • Nora’s attempt to take her own life is a reflection of her overwhelming sense of despair and hopelessness. While her struggles are relatable, it’s important to note that leaving this world is not a solution to life’s problems. Instead, it’s important to face the scenarios in such situations. Do you agree?

  • Nora witnesses the death of her mother and brother in her alternate realities. Was it justifiable for Nora to see the death of her family when she knew it was inevitable, or do you think it was too much for her to handle?

  • Mrs. Elm serves as a mentor and guide for Nora, helping her navigate the Midnight Library and understand the implications of the different lives she explores. Mrs. Elm also represents the importance of relationships and the impact that even small acts of kindness can have on someone’s life. Do you have a person like Mrs. Elm in your life? If yes, who is she or he?

  • In The Midnight Library, we are reminded never to take things for granted, no matter how small they may be. What are some unique retrospective moments in your life where you took things for granted and paid the price?

  • Nora is fired from her job because she could not cheer herself up. Do you think employers should enforce such harsh rules on their employees? Also, what are some bizarre rules that you think someone has had to follow in their job?

  • The main message of the story is that life is full of possibilities and that our choices have a significant impact on our present circumstances. It’s never too late to make a change and pursue the life we want, even if it means letting go of past regrets and mistakes. The story also highlights the importance of relationships and how small acts of kindness and compassion can profoundly impact someone’s life. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with this conclusion.

  • Do you think the Midnight Library should have granted Nora access to her ultimate life, or do you believe she made a mistake by trying to escape from reality?

  • Imagine a sequel where, instead of just looking through books in the Midnight Library that contained her possible lives, Nora was allowed to view movies and be a part of a character in those movies. Which five film or web series characters do you think Nora would choose?

  • Nora, not teaching Leo the piano in one of her alternate realities, showed us a glimpse of regret and guilt. How do you think she should have handled the situation? What would you have done if you were in her place?

  • When loss is the only truth in this world, why do we still grieve? What do you think provides us the motivation to keep going and not give up even in our darkest moments? Do you believe that Nora’s journey through the Midnight Library could be considered a metaphor for life in general, and if so, what would it represent?

  • Nora enters alternate realities only to realize that many didn’t love her the way she thought. In fact, many blamed her for their own imperfections. What’s your take on this, and how do you think Nora could have coped with this realization?

  • Eventually, Nora discovers a life she desperately desires to inhabit. Yet, it isn’t long before disappointment begins to taint her newfound haven and forces her back into the Midnight Library. What’s your take on this? Do you think it is better to face the truth and move on or continue living in a state of ignorance?

  • How do you justify Nora’s time-traveling journey? Do you think it is possible to go back in time and change events that happened in the past? Did it remind you of the book “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells?

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