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Words of Radiance Summary, Characters and Themes

“Words of Radiance,” penned by Brandon Sanderson, emerges as a dazzling jewel in the epic fantasy genre. 

This 2014 masterpiece, the second entry in The Stormlight Archive series, brings a world of intrigue and warfare, set against the backdrop of a war with the enigmatic Voidbringers.


The saga commences with the tale of Szeth-son-son-Vallano, known as the Assassin in White. Dispatched by the enigmatic Parshendi to assassinate Alethi King Gavilar Kholin, his motives remain shrouded in mystery, triggering the Alethi to forge the Vengeance Pact and ignite the War of Reckoning against the Parshendi. 

Amidst rising tensions, rumors of Szeth’s resurgence lead King Taravangian of Kharbranth to command him on a deadly mission targeting Dalinar, Gavilar’s brother and a high prince of Alethi.

Transitioning from the shadows of assassination, we meet Kaladin, a figure marked by his journey from enslavement to becoming the guardian of a crucial bridge on the Shattered Plains. Recruited by King Elhokar to shield Dalinar and the royal lineage, Kaladin grapples with his past animosities, particularly against Brightlord Amaram, as he refines his Windrunner abilities alongside his honorspren, Syl.

Parallel to Kaladin’s story, Shallan Davar and her mentor, Jasnah Kholin, navigate treacherous waters towards the Shattered Plains, driven by a mission to thwart the Voidbringers’ return. 

Amidst their voyage, their ship is assaulted by Voidbringers, leading to Jasnah’s disappearance and Shallan’s perilous continuation to the Shattered Plains with an eclectic group of allies.

The narrative further entwines with the Parshendi’s desperation, as Venli taps into the stormform power, summoning a cataclysmic storm aimed at their adversaries. 

The contentious use of Highstorm magic divides the Parshendi, yet their council sanctions its use, leading to an uneasy alliance proposal from Eshonai to Dalinar to combat the impending Voidbringer menace.

In a climactic encounter, Szeth’s assassination attempt on Dalinar is foiled by Kaladin, who reveals his mastery of stormlight and challenges Szeth, marking a pivotal turn in their destinies. 

The emergence of the Everstorm, conjured by the Parshendi in stormform, precipitates a desperate battle, culminating in Shallan’s discovery of an Oathgate, enabling the Alethi’s escape to Urithiru, the central city of the Radiants.

In Urithiru, the narrative weaves a complex web of alliances and revelations: Dalinar bonds with the Stormfather, embracing the oaths of the Bondsmiths and Knights Radiant, while his son, Renarin, is unveiled as a Truthwatcher. 

The novel’s tension escalates with Adolin’s duel with Sadeas, leading to unforeseen consequences.

The return of Jasnah, having miraculously survived through the Cognitive Realm, adds layers of mystery and anticipation for the unfolding saga.

Words of Radiance Summary



Known as the Assassin in White, Szeth is burdened with the task of killing King Gavilar by the Parshendi, setting off a chain of events leading to war. His journey is fraught with internal conflict and a quest for redemption as he navigates his role in the unfolding chaos.


Once a slave, Kaladin rises to become a key protector on the Shattered Plains, grappling with his past and the injustices of Alethi society. His discovery and mastery of Windrunner powers alongside his spren, Syl, mark his transformation into a formidable leader.

Shallan Davar

Shallan’s journey from a scholar under Jasnah to a determined survivor of a Voidbringer attack showcases her resilience. Her path intertwines with secrets, magical abilities, and a mission to prevent the return of the Voidbringers, driving her towards the Shattered Plains.

Jasnah Kholin

A scholar and Alethi royalty, Jasnah’s intellectual prowess and investigation into the Voidbringers guide the narrative’s deeper mysteries. Presumed dead but surviving through her knowledge of the Cognitive Realm, Jasnah’s return adds complexity to the unfolding events.

Dalinar Kholin

Gavilar’s brother and a high prince of Alethi, Dalinar is a central figure in the war and political landscape. His quest for unity among the Alethi and his bond with the Stormfather position him as a key player in the struggle against the Voidbringers.

Adolin Kholin

Dalinar’s son, Adolin stands out as a skilled warrior and loyal Alethi noble. His journey is marked by personal growth, challenges in leadership, and a pivotal moment that tests his allegiance to his father’s ideals.


A Parshendi who discovers the stormform, Venli represents the Parshendi’s desperation and division over their identity and the use of ancient powers. Her actions trigger critical events that reshape the conflict’s dynamics.


Initially seeking an alliance with Dalinar to counter the threat of the Voidbringers, Eshonai’s transformation into stormform signifies the Parshendi’s drastic measures to combat their enemies, highlighting the complexities of her character and the Parshendi society.


A rival noble and antagonist to Dalinar, Sadeas embodies the treachery and ambition within the Alethi court. His interactions with Adolin and Dalinar underscore the political intrigue and personal vendettas that pervade the narrative.

Renarin Kholin

Dalinar’s younger son, Renarin, reveals his association with the Knights Radiant as a Truthwatcher. His character adds depth to the Kholin family’s involvement in the larger conflict and the mystical elements of the story.


1. The Complexity of Leadership and Morality

Central to the novel is the exploration of leadership, coupled with the heavy burden of moral decisions that leaders must bear. 

Characters like Dalinar and Kaladin embody the struggles of those in power, confronting the ethical dilemmas that come with making decisions that affect the lives of many. 

Dalinar, in his role as a high prince and military leader, grapples with the consequences of his past actions and the challenge of uniting a fractured society under the threat of existential war. 

Kaladin, on the other hand, represents the moral conflicts faced by those in positions of protective authority, wrestling with his duty to safeguard those he leads against his personal grievances and mistrust of the Alethi nobility. 

This theme underscores the idea that leadership is not just about strength and strategy, but also about the complex interplay of ethics, responsibility, and the personal journey towards understanding what it means to do the right thing for the greater good.

2. The Power of Identity and Transformation

The book intricately examines the theme of identity and the potential for personal transformation. 

Characters such as Shallan Davar navigate their complex inner worlds, confronting their past traumas, secrets, and the multifaceted nature of their identities. 

Shallan’s journey from a sheltered scholar to a key player in the battle against the Voidbringers highlights her evolving understanding of her own strength, intelligence, and capacity for change. 

Similarly, Kaladin’s progression from a slave to a leader of men and a wielder of stormlight illustrates the transformative power of embracing one’s past and potential. 

Through these characters and their journeys, Sanderson posits that understanding and accepting one’s identity is crucial for growth and that transformation is not only possible but essential in the face of adversity.

3. The Struggle Against Destiny and the Search for Free Will

Throughout the novel, characters confront the notion of destiny and the extent to which their actions are predetermined by fate or societal expectations. 

Szeth, bound by his title as “Truthless” and compelled to carry out assassinations, embodies the struggle against a destiny imposed upon him by others. His internal conflict highlights the theme of seeking autonomy and questioning the inevitability of one’s path. 

This theme is further echoed in the larger narrative of the war against the Voidbringers, where characters like Dalinar and Jasnah challenge the fatalistic view that the return of the Voidbringers and the ensuing destruction is an unchangeable destiny. 

Through their efforts to unite Roshar and discover ancient truths, they embody the quest for free will and the ability to shape one’s future, suggesting that destiny is not fixed but can be altered through courage, wisdom, and collective action.

Final Thoughts

“Words of Radiance” leaves its readers on the brink of an unresolved vortex of conflicts and destinies, with the fates of the Alethi, Parshendi, and Voidbringers hanging in the balance, ensuring that the journey through The Stormlight Archive is far from over.