Wrong Place Wrong Time Summary, Characters and Themes

In “Wrong Place Wrong Time” (2022), written by Gillian McCallister, readers are taken on a thrilling journey through the realms of murder mystery and time travel adventure

The story revolves around Jen Brotherhood, a skilled lawyer residing in Liverpool, who embarks on a mission to prevent her son, Todd, from committing a heinous crime. After Todd’s arrest, Jen finds herself caught in a time spiral, propelling her backward through time. As she navigates this temporal maze, she uncovers crucial clues that shed light on her son’s actions, propelling her towards a gripping race against time to alter the course of fate.


On the brink of midnight, October 30, 2022, divorce lawyer Jen Brotherhood anxiously awaits her 18-year-old son Todd’s return from a date with his girlfriend, Clio. 

Peering from an upstairs window, she witnesses a confrontation in the driveway that escalates quickly; Todd stabs the aggressor, a stranger to Jen. The police soon take Todd into custody, and Jen, alongside her husband Kelly, a self-employed contractor, faces a night of turmoil.

However, the next morning unveils an unexpected twist: it’s still October 30, and the events of the previous night have seemingly not occurred. Jen initially dismisses the murder as a vivid nightmare. 

But as she wakes up day after day, each morning transports her further into the past, revealing she’s caught in a backward time spiral. Determined to understand and prevent the murder, Jen embarks on a quest that unravels her son’s motives and the dark underbelly of their seemingly quiet life.

Through conversations with a physics professor, Jen grasps the concept of time loops and the role of the subconscious in triggering a journey back in time. Each day she awakens, she’s presented with a chance to correct her past neglect, piecing together overlooked details that led to the tragic confrontation.

Her investigation leads her to the offices where Todd and Clio met, uncovering their façade as a hub for a criminal network involved in luxury car thefts and drug distribution. 

The target of Todd’s knife, Joseph Jones, emerges as the ringleader, whose dealings have ensnared her family in ways Jen never imagined.

Interwoven with Jen’s story are chapters detailing the journey of rookie undercover cop Ryan Hiles in 2002. 

Disenchanted with the mundanity of police work, Ryan infiltrates the same crime ring Jen discovers. Under the alias Kelly, inspired by his troubled brother, Ryan’s undercover exploits deepen, culminating in a stolen car incident with an infant unwittingly involved.

As Jen delves deeper into her past, she stumbles upon shocking revelations about her husband Kelly’s true identity as Ryan Hiles, a retired officer who once testified against Jones, and her late father’s criminal affiliations. These discoveries shatter her understanding of her family and her father’s legacy.

In a crucial time leap, Jen’s intervention prevents a pivotal car theft, thereby altering the course of events that led to Todd’s act of violence. This action not only spares the crime boss from prison but also erases the need for Todd’s desperate act.

Returning to the present, Jen finds a transformed reality where her husband’s secret life as an undercover cop and their intertwined fates with the crime ring have forged a new path for their family. 

In this altered present, Todd’s future is brightly intertwined with Eve Green, symbolizing a new beginning and the resolution of a tangled web of time, love, and justice.

Wrong Place Wrong Time Summary


Jen Eagles Brotherhood

Embarking on a time-traveling odyssey, Jen Eagles Brotherhood transforms from a self-critical mother into a keen sleuth, unraveling the complex web of events leading to her son’s drastic action. 

Initially burdened by guilt and haunted by her perceived failures as a mother, Jen’s journey through time grants her a second chance to connect with her son, Todd. Her adventures force her to confront and ultimately reject the notion that Todd’s actions stem from her shortcomings. Instead, she learns to cherish the nuances of motherhood and discovers her strength in maternal love. 

This personal odyssey not only reshapes her understanding of her family but also rekindles her appreciation for the present moments and the deep bonds of love that define her.

Ryan Hiles / “Kelly Brotherhood”

Ryan Hiles, masquerading as Kelly Brotherhood, embodies sacrifice and deep-seated compassion, driven by a desire to protect those he loves. 

His journey from an aspiring police officer disillusioned by the limitations of his role to an undercover agent infiltrating a criminal organization showcases his commitment to justice and his community. Ryan’s character is marked by his deep empathy, particularly for a baby caught in the crosshairs of his mission, highlighting his enduring struggle with the choices his undercover life necessitates. 

Choosing the name “Brotherhood” as a nod to his belief in community and love for Jen, Ryan navigates the complexities of his dual identity, all the while haunted by the potential repercussions of his past actions on his family.

Todd Brotherhood

Introduced through a shocking act of violence, Todd Brotherhood’s character is gradually unveiled as a narrative of self-sufficiency, love, and protective instincts unfolds. 

Despite his young age, Todd’s actions are driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards his family, particularly in shielding his father from the criminal underworld. 

His relationship with Clio/Eve opens a new chapter of love and vulnerability, contrasting sharply with his usual independence. 

Todd’s willingness to confront danger head-on and his subsequent interactions with the law underscore his deep-seated integrity and bravery, revealing a young man ready to sacrifice his own future for those he holds dear.

Joseph Jones

Joseph Jones stands as the stark antagonist of the story, his character devoid of the complexities that mark the other figures. 

Jones is the embodiment of malevolence, with his criminal machinations and manipulative tactics posing a constant threat to the protagonists. 

His superficial charm belies a ruthless nature, intent on exploiting and dominating others to maintain his power. Jones’s static character serves as a catalyst for the unfolding drama, pushing Jen and her family into the heart of the conflict and setting the stage for their eventual triumph over adversity. 

His villainy contrasts with the evolving characters around him, emphasizing the themes of redemption, love, and resilience that permeate the narrative.


1. The Complexity of Family Dynamics

“Wrong Place, Wrong Time” delves deeply into the intricate nature of family relationships, exploring how secrets, personal histories, and the actions of each member can significantly impact the collective well-being. 

Through the character of Jen Brotherhood, we see a mother’s love and desperation as she navigates through time to save her son from the repercussions of a violent act. The revelation of her husband Kelly’s true identity as Ryan Hiles, an undercover cop with a complicated past, adds layers to their family story, highlighting the sacrifices and hidden truths that often underpin familial bonds. 

The novel portrays the family not just as a unit of support and love but also as a complex web of secrets and lies, where the actions of one member can unravel or redefine the future for all.

2. The Consequences of Choices Across Time

A central theme of the novel is the exploration of time travel as a metaphor for the consequences of our choices and the possibility of redemption. Jen’s journey back in time serves as a powerful narrative device to underscore the impact of decisions made in the past on the present and future. 

It brings to light the idea that understanding and learning from past mistakes can provide opportunities to alter the course of one’s life positively.

The novel suggests that while time travel is not possible in reality, reflection and understanding can lead to changes in how we perceive and react to the challenges we face, offering a chance for redemption and a better future.

3. The Moral Ambiguity of Justice

Through its intertwining stories, the novel presents a nuanced exploration of justice, challenging the black-and-white perception of right and wrong. 

Jen’s mission to prevent her son’s crime, Ryan’s undercover work, and the eventual alteration of events leading to the crime boss’s continued freedom all raise questions about the nature of justice and the lengths to which individuals will go to achieve it. 

The characters’ actions blur the lines between legality and morality, suggesting that justice is often a complex interplay of personal ethics, legal obligations, and the desire to protect loved ones. 

The narrative invites readers to consider the moral implications of their actions and the subjective nature of justice, especially when faced with difficult choices.

Final Thoughts

“Wrong Place, Wrong Time” masterfully combines elements of a murder mystery, science fiction, and family drama into a compelling narrative that challenges the boundaries of time and the impact of choices. 

The story’s ability to weave together multiple timelines and narratives into a cohesive and satisfying conclusion showcases Gillian McCallister’s skill as a storyteller. 

This book is a testament to the enduring power of love, the quest for truth, and the possibility of second chances.