15 Wrong Place Wrong Time Book Club Questions For Discussion

Get ready to buckle up for a thrilling ride in Gillian McCallister’s masterpiece, “Wrong Place, Wrong Time”!

It’s a gripping murder mystery with a twist of time travel adventure that will keep you scratching your head until you will procrastinate all your other stuff and immerse yourself in the world of McCallister’s powerful storytelling.

You will meet Jen Brotherhood, a high-flying lawyer from Liverpool, who wakes up one morning to discover her son has been arrested for murder. But instead of accepting his fate, Jen finds herself hurtling back in time, determined to prevent her son from ever committing such a heinous crime.

With each twist and turn, Jen uncovers clues that lead her closer to the truth behind her son’s actions, but can she solve the mystery and alter the course of history before it’s too late?

Join Jen on her time spiral as she races against the clock to save her son and uncover the shocking truth in this page-turning thriller.

And after you have read the book, this list of book club questions for Wrong Place Wrong Time will help you carry the discussion forward with your fellow bibliophiles.

Let’s get started.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time book Club questions

  1. In this story, divorce lawyer Jen Brotherhood and her family are sent hurtling back in time, only to discover that Todd – one of their own – has committed a heinous murder. Determined to prevent the tragedy from occurring again, Jen immerses herself in the criminal underworld responsible for it all as she attempts to unravel its mysteries. Why do you think Jen would take such a serious step in order to save her family?

  2. Ryan Hiles a rookie undercover cop, plays a very vital part in the story. How important do you think his contributions were, and why?

  3. Via her entry into the world of crime, Jen is able to uncover information that she would not have been able to find out otherwise. Like, she discovers that the office where Todd worked is merely a disguise for an illicit enterprise responsible for stealing pricey cars and peddling drugs on the street. Additionally, she finds out the name of the man Todd murdered. What do you think Jen’s investigation into the criminal underworld reveals about her character, and how would any sane person react in her shoes?

  4. The time loop phenomenon in the book is similar to the one mentioned in Groundhog Day. What’s the key difference between them, and how does it lead to a more intense plot?

  5. Kelly’s mannerisms of boosting his social profile and persona based on cars were completely different from what could have been done. Do you think there was any deeper meaning or symbolism, or it was a plan simple tactic that Gillian McAllister had while writing the story?

  6. This story dwells on the idea of having second chances and how our subconscious can lead us back in time to mend things. It encourages growth through learning from past blunders and striving for something greater. Captured within this narrative is also an appreciation of family, which should be treasured while there’s still time. Do you agree? Also, based on the story, how far can you go in order to save or get justice for your family?

  7. By concluding the novel with Pauline’s conflict rather than Jen’s redemption, McAllister masterfully amplifies the complexity of moral quandaries and humanity’s capacity for resilience. Why does this author make such a daring choice? What is he hoping to convey by leaving us wondering about Jen instead of satisfying our curiosity?

  8. Jen discovered a poster of a missing baby named Eve Green, dated more than 20 years earlier, which led her to realize that her husband was a retired police officer who had gone undercover to investigate a crime ring. If you were in Jen’s shoes, would you have opted to take the same course of action or doubted your loved ones in a similar situation?

  9. Twenty years ago, Ryan Hiles made the decision to leave his position in law enforcement after he agreed to disclose the identity of a criminal who was part of an organized crime network in that he had been conducting investigations. What is your take on someone leaving or being forced to leave his post due to an agreement? Do you think it is wise or a violation of the law, and how would it be viewed within society today?

  10. The novel explores the concept of a multiverse where events occur in alternate realities. How do you think this idea impacts the way we view life and our own choices? What implications does it have on our understanding of morality, justice, and fate?

  11. The novel culminates with an insight into the definition of “hysterical strength.” It can be associated with times when, in catastrophic emotional situations, people have the capacity to demonstrate tremendous physical force – for example, women picking up vehicles to save their newly born infants or a mother lifting a car to rescue her trapped child. If that is the case, do you think that the same power can be triggered in times of joy and not just crisis, and if so, how?

  12. “How sinister it is to relive your life backwards. To see things you hadn’t at the time. To realize the horrible significance of events you had no idea were playing out around you.” – Does this quote hint at at pessimism or optimism? What do you think it could mean in the context of the novel and our own lives?

  13. As Jen reviews her past relationship with the departed father, what was your thought on those sequences and the disclosure that her dad partnered up with criminal Joseph?

  14. During her talks with Professor Vettese, Jen expressed the guilt she felt for not having devoted enough time to Todd’s upbringing. She talks about the labor and delivery being so complicated, followed by her postpartum depression that it prevented her from being the mother she wanted to be. Do you think time travel helped her relive those moments?

  15. Jen’s time loop has been subjected to the phenomenon of the Bootstrap Paradox – a hypothetical loop of events in time travel that requires one event to cause the other, which is actually the reason of the first. How do you think this theory answers the question: Why does a time loop happen and what motivated the author to revolve it around the story?

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